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It's official: because we have run out of financing possibilities WORST CASE SCENARIO is 'on hold'. Having tried to raise our Nazi zombies for six years, we have to be realistic (yech!) and admit that there's not much of a chance of that happening anywhere soon. WCS is dead in the water. On the other hand, zombies have a strange way of resurfacing when you least expect them. Keep watching the beaches. May 27, 2009

The original screenplay of the feature-lenght horrormovie WORST CASE SCENARIO centers on the common friction between neighboring countries. It's a global phenomenon, and even in peaceful Western Europe you will find old grudges. If you dig deep enough.

In the final of the World Championship soccer games Holland and Germany are going to war. An American on a personal quest antagonizes a group of hooligans that chase him to a North Sea island. There awaits an opponent in a league of its own.

On this site we keep you informed of production news. You can watch the promos (the first and the second in regular size; the 2nd also in HD). And you can join GOREHOUND'S GUERILLAS, a growing army of close to 5,000 volunteers that helps this independent production along. As a member you'll get all the inside information and a guaranteed bit-part in the movie.
As a zombie!

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