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It's official: because we have run out of financing possibilities WORST CASE SCENARIO is 'on hold'. Having tried to raise our Nazi zombies for six years, we have to be realistic (yech!) and admit that there's not much of a chance of that happening anywhere soon. WCS is dead in the water. On the other hand, zombies have a strange way of resurfacing when you least expect them. Keep watching the beaches. May 27, 2009

The grapes of Roth
  • Wednesday May 27, 2009

  • How about a nice big cup...

    See message above: We're signing off... at least for the time being. Nothing much happened last year, but here's a short round-up anyway. Yes, there was more serious interest from Men with Deep Pockets, but -as usual- that all evaporated like so much hot air. The Dutch Film Fund, however enthusiastic about our script and ideas, decided to spend their budget on other Dutch productions ("with less potential to get funding abroad"). The storage space for the BLACKBOOK-bunker sets had to be vacated on short notice, so that stuff all went to the scrap-heap and left us with nothing but sore muscles. Guerilla investors pledged to put up € 300,000, and a HUGE hurray to them, but that still didn't cut it for a script that, at it's barest minimum, breaks down to € 2,500,000.
    In an ironic footnote we've been recently summoned by the lawyers of a certain genre actor/director to remove his name from our website. "Cease and desist" was the term Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman & Goodman of Beverly Hills used and who can argue with thát? We feel sad about the memory-loss of this particular inglourious basterd. Early 2004 he happily volunteered this on Aintitcoolnews: "Hey Harry, Have you seen this? This looks fucking AWESOME. Crank the sound. Eli". Such a shame he isn't with us anymore.

    More Guerilla action
  • Friday Februari 8, 2008

  • Loading the trailer (yes, that's a real concrete tank stopper that producer Suidema is lifting!)

    WORST CASE SCENARIO is gearing up towards production. Along the way we've had another fun little adventure. Our production designers managed to lay their hands on bunker sets used for Paul Verhoeven's WWII drama BLACKBOOK. Stuff that we can recycle, cutting some costs. But a problem arose when we heard that the place it was stored at had to be emptied out on very short notice.
    Again Gorehound's Guerillas helped us out. A quick S.O.S. resulted in forty serious offers and tips. Within two weeks we were able to collect all the material and transport it to a new storage space, where it will await the shoot. And best of all, the place is rent free. Our hero of the day is Guerilla Joost Ivangh, who for the next months finds himself surrounded by 5000 sq ft of bunker walls.

    The new storage (yes, those are real bunker walls dwarfing producer Suidema!)

    In other news we can mention that the Guerilla investment plan worked out really well. We've received more than € 300,000 in applications, good for 10% of the current production budget.

    Get a piece of the zombie action!
  • Tuesday August 14, 2007
  • It's been a LONG while since you last heard from us, and some of you have wondered out loud if your favorite Nazi zombie movie is dead in the water. Well, the zombies may very well be (you'll see), but WORST CASE SCENARIO is still very much alive.

    First of all, here's an explanation for the long silence. After we signed our first financing deal, way back at the 2004 Cannes Film Market, our American producers tried to get together a 5 million Euro budget. When after 1.5 years their efforts didn't pay off, we decided to cut the tie. That proved easier said than done. It took us another year and a half to work out a deal that gave us back all rights to movie, title and screenplay.
    And it left us - after three years of hard work - back at square one. That's movie business for you. But we did learn a lot from the experience and we're back on track.

    Here's the GOOD NEWS: We've found a new production partner. Among other titles Richard Claus produced Anthony Waller's neat 'Mute Witness'. And he's German, which proves that he has a GREAT sense of humor.
    We had to bring down the budget, but the adapted screenplay still contains all the gory thrills that we want to get on screen.
    And in an ironic twist we - self-proclaimed guerilla filmmakers - are now acknowledged by the movie industry: we get financial support from the Dutch Filmfund and the first promo was even screened at the Netherlands Film Festival. In a latest development the Filmfund has approved the new rewrite and we're now just a script polish and budget breakdown away from preproduction.
    But before we move on we want to check something with you...

    In the new set-up we've lowered the production budget to 3 million Euro ($ 4 million), the main reason being that this makes the movie MUCH easier to sell. Financing will consist of an investment deal, pre-sales of distribution rights for Benelux and Germany plus subsidies. Together this covers 2/3 of the budget, which leaves a 1 million Euro gap that we can finance in various ways. But true to the promise we've made, we want to see if we can also involve YOU.

    We offer GOREHOUND'S GUERILLAS an opportunity to invest in WORST CASE SCENARIO.
    The idea is not that far-fetched. More than a few of you have already proposed to put money in WCS. Besides, we've had it up to here with spineless US production companies wooing us, but not being able to make up their minds. Especially since we can actually proof WCS' potential. How about 450,000 downloaded promo's, based on word of mouth alone? And international distributors queuing up to snatch up the rights?
    We want to keep things simple and start by measuring your interest. If it doesn't work out, we'll let you know and take the other route towards production. But if enough of you have the money and guts to participate, hell, we might make zombie horror history. Remember, there are now close to FOUR THOUSAND Gorehound's Guerillas.
    There's no minimum investment and participating Guerillas stand a very good chance at making a nice profit. Apart from that we'll throw in attractive extra's - anything from collector T-shirts up to a producer's credit for the really high rollers.

    So let us know if you're interested by joining our INVESTOR MAILINGLIST (CLICK HERE). We ask you to specify your potential investment, but you'll be under NO obligation to actually invest: at a later stage we'll make all applicants a detailed offer. Of course you can unsubscribe from the mailinglist anytime.

    In VALKYRIE Tom Cruise may get Carice van Houten (left), but we have BLACK BOOK's Thomas Pardoen (circled) - he signed on as a Gorehound's Guerilla today!

    Raisum the Deadum
  • Sunday October 1, 2006
  • No, WORST CASE SCENARIO has not been buried. We have been quiet for a long time, but just didn't want to bother you with a long and tedious story. Still, lots of you have been asking for it, so here's another update.
    First of all: don't hold your breath, we won't be shooting WCS before 2007. The good news is that we've found a new production partner with a solid financing plan. We had to bring down the budget, but the adapted screenplay still contains all the gory thrills that we want to get onscreen. And in an ironic twist we - selfproclaimed guerilla filmmakers - are now aknowledged by the filmmaking community: we get financial support from the Dutch Filmfund and the first WCS-promo will be screened at the Netherlands Film Festival next monday (paired with Richard Raaphorst's obscure first short ZOMBI 1).
    We're still being wooed by US distributors and studio's and we let them, as any possibility to speed up production is welcome, but we've learned to value these advances at zero. We just can't get over how spineless these 'dealmakers' are, especially since we can actually proof WCS' potential. How about 300.000 downloaded promo's, based on word of mouth alone?
    That's all the news we have - except for a hilarious example of 'Corporate U.S. Movie Machine vs. Nazi Zombies': some of you may have noticed that we've removed the 'Rated G for Gorehound' logo from our homepage. Will you believe that we were forced to do so by the Motion Picture Association of America? No less than four MPAA-lawyers were put on the case to threaten us with legal action against this "willful trademark infringement" on their rating signs. When the laughing cramps finally subsided, we took it off.

    Rated K for Kill all lawyers

    Dead in the water? Never!
  • Wednesday January 18, 2006
  • It's been quite a while since you've heard from us, so we owe you an update on how things are going with WORST CASE SCENARIO. Well, we've learned the meaning of 'Development Hell' - the hard way. Let's cut a very long and boring story short.
    Last autumn things were looking up for the movie. Our American partners had attached British sales agent IAC/Sequence and looked set to sell WORST CASE SCENARIO at the November American Film Market. The financial structure was complicated as Hell and WCS was set up as a Dutch/UK/Belgium coproduction. Due to a British formality, we'd have to start shooting before April 2006, so the pressure was definitely on. But as we've experienced too often already, our optimism was slowly squashed. As time crept by and the November deadline loomed larger and larger, draft agreements came and went, but nothing was signed. It became clear that we would not be able to sell WCS at the AFM, let alone start preproduction in time to meet the April shooting date.
    We had to face the fact: this was a dead end. The AMF more or less coincided with the expiration of our contract with the American producers, so we decided to start looking for another way to get WCS off the ground.
    We are now trying to get WCS financed in Holland - bringing it home, so to speak. We'll have to bring the budget down, but we're pretty confident that regardless we can still get our dark, shocking and apocalyptic vision on the screen. We plan to have the cameras rolling later this year.

    Time for some good news: we don't want to leave you on a down note, so we've put our CGI-PROMO ONLINE. Up to now only industry brass and press have seen it. It was shot in April 2005 and has zombie make-up by Unreal and visual effects by House of Secrets. So crack up the volume and watch it, regular size or in whopping HD/H264 (requires Quicktime 7). Tell us what you think of it.

    Just dug up: the CGI-promo

    Countdown to Z-Day
  • Sunday October 23, 2005
  • Right. An unbearably long period of waiting seems to near its bloody end. We HAVE found solid financing partners and on November 2nd WORST CASE SCENARIO will be officially announced at the American Film Market in Santa Monica. Even better: pre-production should start very soon after that, in order to meet a Spring 2006 deadline for principal photography.
    The past months have been gruelling, with progress being measured by the length of our beards, the greying at the temples, the... - but HEY! we're back! And even though we're not sure of anything until we are actually on a set, with a loaded camera spinning away, we are at least pretty confident that the coming few weeks will mean the Rise or Fall of our Nazi-Zombies. Keep checking in - we'll post any news here first.
    [A lot of you have been asking about the second promo - the one that no one's seen - except for The Men In Grey Suits With Deep Pockets. Well, for the moment we want to keep it under wraps. You'll see it in due time, but we just don't want to give away too much too soon. Sorry.]

    Cannes 2005: we brought our own weather

  • Tuesday May 10, 2005
  • Last night nominations for the prestigious 6th Annual Golden Trailer Awards were announced and what do you know? WORST CASE SCENARIO has been nominated in the category 'Best Trailer - No movie'! That may sound a bit ho-hum, but we think the title fits us like a glove. Besides, with Quentin Tarantino, David Geffen and a whole bunch of studio hotshots in the jury line-up, who are we to complain?
    Timing is perfect. Later this week we'll be at the Cannes Film Market, meeting our American co-producers and lots of studio brass. This nomination will be a nice thing to drop on the table. Right next to the SECOND PROMO. Yes, we've shot and edited a second one. It will be ready just in time for Cannes.
    We're not building a trophy room yet. The winner - out of five nominees - will be announced on May 26 at the Orpheum Theatre in L.A. We'll let the zombies do the talking. That usually works.

    Sneak peek: one of the zombies from the second promo (during make-up)

    You CAN keep a good zombie down
  • Tuesday March 22, 2005
  • Last time you heard from us, was just before the November American Film Market. Since then what started as a trickle of questions has grown into a steady stream of curious, anxious and even downright angry queries. And we can't blame you.
    The process of getting financing lined up for WORST CASE SCENARIO is taking MUCH longer than we envisioned. Well, what do WE - first-time Dutch guerilla filmmakers - know, right? But even our very experienced American producers admit that the ride is more bumpy than planned. They keep stressing we're going at Warp Speed 5 Billion as it is, but NO, the money is not in the bank - yet.
    So what's happening? We ARE talking to companies that are willing to invest in WCS. Remember we're talking € 5 Million - not exactly peanuts. The companies range from Japanese distributors with a soft spot for hardcore horror to specialty branches of major American studios. They all say it's a GREAT idea, EXCELLENT visuals, one of the BEST CONCEPTS EVER. Still no money in the bank.
    We now have a jaw-ripping screenplay, and we use the down-time to hone it like a knife. We also have a complete crew lined up and rearing to go and we're shooting a second promo in April with the help of Dutch CGI-unit House of Secrets (check out their funny 'Tyrants from Afar'). And we still get great coverage in all sorts of international press. Cannes Film Market is coming up in May and we'll be doing more business there.
    But we have to admit it: this is going WAY too slow and we're as pissed off about it as you are, probably worse. One thing we can say, though. We ARE going to make this sucker, sooner or later.

    Nazi zombies invade Los Angeles
  • Tuesday November 2, 2004
  • Last week screenwriter Miguel Tejada-Flores visited Holland to give the screenplay for WORST CASE SCENARIO a final polish. Director Richard Raaphorst, writer/producer Bart Oosterhoorn and MTF have been working together for the past three months, but this was the first time they got together. Target was to get the story ready in time for the American Film Market that will start tomorrow. We're happy to say the collaboration was a success and the finished scenario has been delivered to our American producers Jack F. Murphy and Lars Bjorck who are very pleased with the result.
    If everything goes according to plan financing will be rounded off during or shortly after the AFM. This would mean actual preproduction for the movie can start in November/December. Scheduling, casting, production- and effects-design will take three months and lead up to a Spring shoot.
    During Miguel's visit we've found time for a few excursions. We've made a long trek on one of the islands on the Dutch Flats and later visited a huge WWII bunker complex. Both might turn up as actual locations in the movie, but in any case showed our American writer some typical Dutch landscapes.
    So the long wait is almost over. Of course we're not there YET and in the movie business you're only sure your film is being made when the camera is actually running. But we and 'our Americans' are pretty confident. Stay tuned and become a Gorehound's Guerilla: you'll be the very first to know when WORST CASE SCENARIO gets green-lit.

    Miguel Tejada-Flores scaring birds on the Dutch Flats

    The long road to Zombie Beach
  • Wednesday September 15, 2004
  • The last few months we've been very busy pre-preproducing WORST CASE SCENARIO. The screenplay needed more work and we were glad to attach Miguel Tejada-Flores. Miguel is a veteran, having written in genres like horror (ROTTWEILER, BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR, DARKNESS, FAUST, FRIGHT NIGHT PART II), sf (SCREAMERS), thriller (THE UNSAID, A HOUSE IN THE HILLS) and... Nerd Cinema (REVENGE OF THE NERDS plus two sequels).
    The transatlantic collaboration has been really fruitful. A lot of interaction between Miguel, director Raaphorst and writer/producer Oosterhoorn has resulted in a story adaptation that we're really exited about. For the home stretch (to a finished screenplay) we'll need at least another month and Miguel will be coming to Holland in October to wrap things up.
    Because new Guerillas join every day (now 1.800+), offering their services, body & soul, we have to keep repeating: BE PATIENT! We've gotten incredibly far: we've made a 35mm promo for as good as nothing, we've landed a Hollywood financing deal, we're re-writing a knock-out screenplay. If we can just keep it up a little bit longer, we are actually going to pull this off. And we'll get back to each and everyone of you. We can't promise starring roles, special-make up jobs or music score commissions, but WE DO NEED ARMIES OF NAZI-ZOMBIES & CRAZED HOOLIGANS!
    By the way: because we ran out of promo-dvd's and simply needed more for -well- promo-use, we've decided to print a few hundred more. The total edition of dvds sold is still limited to only 500, but we have them in stock (€5/$7 + p&p. Send an e-mail to to receive payment instructions).

    Gorehound CAN film!
  • Wednesday May 19, 2004
  • "Congratulations guys, you're gonna make a movie!" Said Brian Yuzna, on the phone from his Barcelona office, just minutes after we signed a deal to shoot WORST CASE SCENARIO. Don't adjust your computer screen: it's true. After four days of endless walks and talks at the Cannes film market we were suddenly doing serious business on Sunday. Another two days of dealmaking culminated in signing monday afternoon. Hollywood-based producers Jack F. Murphy (HAVOC, TICKS, PROGENY) and Lars Bjorck (HAVOC) are going to put together the financing for the €3-6 million production. Yuzna, who put us in touch with our new partners, will keep the 'Presents' credit. WCS will be shot in Holland, on 35mm and will be English-language. If all goes well, shooting starts this fall and we aim for a Spring 2005 release.
    The volunteer army of Gorehound's Guerillas played an important role in all this. The incredible success of the website (500.000 pageviews), the ever-expanding guerilla army (1.300), the tips, new contacts and offers and of course that final image of the promo were instrumental in getting this far.
    We're in Hollywood's bible 'Variety' today and Holland national press service ANP did a piece that was picked up by a lot of newspapers, we'll be an item on Dutch TV station 'AT5 News' tomorrow and the June issue of 'DVD Valley' will run our own Cannes diary.
    Fuck. We're gonna make a movie.

    Limited edition DVD available!
  • Thursday May 6, 2004

  • Next week we'll be at the Cannes Film Market, ambushing hotshot Hollywood buyers on the Croisette boulevard. For that purpose we've produced a DVD containing the promoreel, the making-of, 65 production stills (most of them never before published) and more. Since we're still a low-to-no-budget operation we can't give 'em away so we've offered them to Gorehound's Guerillas to cover at least part of the cost. Within days we almost ran out of them, but there are still a few left. Picture quality is of course vastly superior to that of the website quicktimes, but what's better, this is an instant collector's item with it's extremely limited edition of only 500! SORRY, THE PROMO-DVD HAS SOLD OUT on January 30, 2008. They go at € 5.00 plus p&p on a first come-first served basis. If you want one, let us know by sending an e-mail to We'll send you confirmation (plus method of payment). Please note: the dvd is PAL/region 0.

  • Thursday April 15, 2004
  • We've just put a making-of-the-promo online. We know: that sounds pretty ho-hum, so we want to stress that it was neither made nor commissioned by us. It's an initiative of documentary filmmaker Mark van den Tempel and cameraman/editor Fjodor Buis and was produced under their new Gekko Films banner. They offered it to us and we gladly accepted. So here it is: ONE DEAD ZOMBIE - Making the Promo of Worst Case Scenario (31 Mb).
    There's one more bit of zombie-info we want to share: Gorehound's Guerillas has just grown to a THOUSAND maniacs. We were hoping number 1000 would stand out, and it does, because number 1000 is TWO PERSONS: 17-year old twin sisters Debby & Chantal Beverdam.
    A perfect bride for Ol' Four-Eyes. Congratulations!

    Phantasmagorical news
  • Wednesday February 4, 2004
  • Yesterday Fangoria, the mother of all horror magazines, published a news item on WCS, giving our production big thumbs-up.
    "February 3: Gorehound Film preparing for WORST CASE SCENARIO - Fango pal Scooter (SIXTEEN TONGUES) McCrae alerted us to the website for the Netherlands-based Gorehound Canned Film, which is gearing up for its debut production, WORST CASE SCENARIO. The movie takes off from the longstanding rivalry between Germany and Holland, and centers around the World Championship Soccer Games, during which the two countries are literally going to war. A group of friends attempt to escape the mayhem by traveling to a North Sea Island, where, according to the site, they "wind up in situations far, far worse." A truly impressive promo teaser that can be seen at the site reveals what makes the situation so bad: a squad of really cool-looking aquatic Nazi zombies (shades of SHOCK WAVES)! (You can go directly to the trailer here, but be advised - it's a big file!)
    The film will be directed by Richard Raaphorst, whose credits include the short film ZOMBI 1 and the title sequence for BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR (which led Brian Yuzna to attach his name to the WORST project as presenter), and produced by Bart Oosterhoorn, who also scripted. They hope to begin shooting in the summer, and are currently recruiting volunteer crew members at the website - all of whom are guaranteed bit parts as zombies." [©Fangoria®]
    Check out

    Guerilla saves the day
  • Tuesday January 27, 2004
  • Thanks to the swift action of one of Gorehound's Guerillas, Sjoerd Tieleman, the site is up & running again, now hosted by the Utrecht Student's Union for Cognitive Artificial Intelligence. USCKI Incognito is part of the Philosophy faculty of the University of Utrecht. Who said horrorfans were no-brainers?

    Bad shit
  • Sunday January 25, 2004
  • PROMO AND CLIPS INACCESSIBLE! The enormous amount of datatraffic in the last week again brought the site down on the 22nd and a mirror site lasted only a few hours. Our hosting provider has now put a stop to all downloading. We hope to fix this problem within a few days. If you haven't seen the promo yet, please come back. 20.000 viewers in January alone can't be wrong.

    Good shit
  • Sunday January 18, 2004
  • A few days ago we noticed a surge in new guerilla-applications. After some digging around we found out this was the result of an item on, one of Hollands largest weblogs. As a result, not only did our zombie-extra army grow to a staggering 500 warped souls, 10 Gigabyte worth of promo was downloaded in 24 hours, the 70.000 hits bringing the site to its knees for a few hours on Saturday.

    Nazi zombies invade your screen!
  • Thursday December 18, 2003
  • The promo will be broadcast on national TV by guerilla-TV makers 6PACK: friday 19, somewhere between 24:00 and 01:00. Check it out. In the new year 6PACK will closely follow the WCS production machine. Visit their site at

    Come and get it
  • Sunday, December 7, 2003
  • We've put the promoreel online. See it in all it's glory by clicking the corresponding button in the menu. It's a whopping 26.5 Mb so keep a fire extinguisher at hand. Next up: a gallery containing production sketches, crew photo's and lots of stills.

    We're in business
  • Monday, November 24, 2003
  • Postproduction on the promo-reel for WCS was finished just in time for the Italian Mifed-fair earlier this month. The Nazi-zombie-theme raised quite some eyebrows, mainly American, but was met with great enthusiasm by Eastern-Asian countries. We're now talking business with various Japanese and Korean distributors/producers. [We're also still wondering if this success has anything to do with a fuck-up at the printing office that resulted in the pages of our brochure being reversed: maybe the thing makes more sense reading right to left...]
    While the producers were strutting their stuff in Milan, director Richard Raaphorst attended the Utopiales Festival International de Science-Fiction de Nantes, France, where he met producer/director Brian Yuzna (the Re-Animator trilogy, Faust, The Dentist). Yuzna's comment upon watching the trailer: "It is fantastic! Good concept, funny, and really really good photography. A really scary look." Greatest scare for Yuzna was to see his name above the title ("Brian Yuzna presents"), a top-notch guerilla-filmmaker-move on our side. He quickly recovered: "I was so proud to have my name on something of such high quality that my heart attack turned into a scheming for how to keep it on there." Raaphorst has worked on various Yuzna-productions, most notably 'Beyond-Re-animator', for which he designed, produced and directed the title-sequence. He is currently doing conceptual art for the upcoming Filmax/Yuzna production 'Rottweiler'.
    Early October the promo had it's unofficial premiere at the Film Creations festival in Zandvoort, The Netherlands. A rough cut with temp sound was met with much approval by the late-night crowd, among which Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment.

    "A really scary look"

    Huge fan speaks out
  • Wednesday, October 22, 2003
  • We're on Ain't It Cool News! So here's a warm welcome to 1,500% new readers. And what's better, new media-giant Harry Knowles has given us the best sales-blurb we could wish for: "Greatest film ever?" It's on the poster, Harry. But don't believe everything you read: there are no "Dutch white trailertrash zombies" in Worst Case Scenario and the movie has nothing to do with the book 'Woensdag Gehaktdag' by Richard Klinkhamer. Klinkhamer's story warrants its own movie though. He beat his wife to death with a crowbar in 1991 and reported her missing. Alluding to his crime in his (unpublished) book, he still got away with it until some ten years later when he sold his house and the body was discovered by the new owners.
    WCS also has nothing to do with (the success of) '28 Days Later'. We're into zombies - plain and simple - and the Nazis just happened to have the coolest uniforms. That, and we like to kick their butt.
    Editing of the promo is on schedule. Thursday we'll record the voice-over by Ilari Hoevenaars. The promo will be broadcast on Dutch TV and we'll put it online shortly after that.

    Size does matter

    Life's a beach
  • Wednesday, October 6, 2003
  • Last sunday Gorehound canned film, just like that, when on a wind- and rain-swept beach a crew of 45 and some 50 incredibly strange extra's who stopped living and became mixed-up zombies converged to film the promo of WCS.
    The beautiful foul weather made DP Gabor Deak grin a lot, while the extra's had to grit their teeth and stumble and crawl for gruelling hours through drizzle and downpour. Earlier a grip tent was seized by the wind and took off on a 200-yard sprint before being caught by crewmembers. It was completely shattered, but at least no people were impaled on it's carcass. Another near-disaster came when extra Mikhel Maes, doing a nice job imitating Prince Radian the Living Torso, nearly froze to death. After squirming on the icy sand for hours on end, arms and legs tied, he stopped moving altogether and had to be rushed off the set by attending lifeguards. Yet another struggle went on mostly unseen. The stormy weather had drawn quite a crowd of eager surfers. At the beach entrances the team of Phoxx Locationscope had their hands full convincing these tourists (ironically including a lot of Germans) to find another spot. Days later main zombie Jason Garber is still in the dark about what happened: most of the day he was in blinding full make-up. Eating was out of the question and he had to drink through a straw stuck in his mask's nostril. Those are the perks of being a zombie!
    We've now started editing and plan to have the promo ready for theatrical premiere early November. Dutch national newsservice ANP did an on-set interview with producer Oosterhoorn that was picked up by various newspapers the next day.

    On the set

    Rotterdam, a hell of a town
  • Friday, October 3, 2003
  • While the majority of the Dutch movie community is in an uproar about the proposed cancellation of governement funding, WCS is forging ahead. Tonight the industry will be patting itself on the back at the Netherlands Film Festival. In the meantime our guerilla-team will be adding final touches to sfx and setdesign, working way below radar.
    As planned, the promo will be shot next sunday. The body count stands at 105, including 66 zombies. Phoxx Locationscope has enlisted the help of Trafic Locationbuses and the Rotterdam Lifeguard. Further credits: first assistant director: Jesse Renckens, lighting equipment by T-Stop, grip equipment by Gripwise. Kodak supplies 35mm stock. The producers would like to thank Circus Zandvoort for its financial support. Mark van den Tempel will be filming making-of material and movie magazine Preview intends to publish a serialized production report.
    All that's left to do now is shoot the bastard.

    Touching up the make-up. On the right co-producer Suidema.

    The worst is yet to come
  • Thursday, September 4, 2003
  • More credits have been added to the production. Kerstin Kambier of Art Department is associate producer. Wardrobe by Cynthia Roosberg (The Emperor's Wife, Prospero's Books). Grip: Frans Leiwakabessy, Pancsi Puts. Location management by Phoxx Locationscope. Camera and lenses are supplied courtesy of Camera Rentals. Scanning and coloring by Robert Thomas of AVP. Processing by Cineco. Production assistants include Martin Meijer, Mariz Voesenek and Marcus Leij. Out of 300 (and counting) Gorehound's Guerillas 66 will be cast as extra's for the promo.

    On the crane: DP Gabor Deak

    They shoot zombies, don't they?
  • Wednesday, August 27, 2003
  • Pre-production for the promo is now in full swing. Dates and location for the shoot have been set: October 4 and 5 on a beach near Rotterdam. Main zombie-actor Jason Garber (6'5"/330 lb) had a life-cast taken by Unreal who have now started sculpting. Production design is in the capable hands of Art Department (whose credits include Peter Greenaway's Pillow Book). Jim Thirlwell (Manorexia, Foetus, Steroid Maximus) will score the music. And with a huge sigh of relief we can announce that we've found financial backing.

    A cast of thousands

    First shots in the can
  • Wednesday, August 20, 2003
  • Last sunday marked the unofficial start of production of WORST CASE SCENARIO, when first scenes for the promo-reel were shot on the beach of Scheveningen. Over the last weeks the concept for the promo has been changed completely. Why? Because we can. Because we came up with a better idea. And also to make better use of the evergrowing number of Gorehound's Guerillas. New storyboards will be posted here in the near future. In the meantime the Unreal team has started work on the make-up fx and is now aided by mechanical fx wizard Paul van Fessem (whose monster projector featured in Richard Raaphorst's FFF-leader - see 'More clips').

    Gripping drama

    Promo-reel in production
  • Monday, July 21, 2003
  • In september we will shoot a promo-reel for WORST CASE SCENARIO. The teaser is made for sales purposes and will be ready in time for the November Mifed fair in Milan, Italy. Richard Raaphorst will be directing the promo, lensed by director of photography Gabor Deak. Rogier Samuels and Carola Brockhoff of Unreal, just back from a two-year stint in New Zealand where they worked on Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS-trilogy, will produce the special make-up effects. The scene has been lifted from the original screenplay by Bart Oosterhoorn.